time for me...is it wrong?

Hello Dear Ones :0)

The sun is shining a bit behind the clouds.  Here in the mountains, Autumn comes with foggy skies and much cooler temperatures.  We have yet to have any hard frosts, but I know that they are just around the corner.

Yesterday, I was blessed to be able to attend our evening spinning guild meeting for the first time this year.  It was a precious time for me.  A time where I can chat away with other ladies and share our everyday with each other.  I was gone for two hours, which is not something I do a great deal...

but when returning, I must share I felt a bit guilty.  J. was feeding Miss A. her evening snack.  The dishes were still undone in the sink, and the house felt a bit undone when I stepped through its door.

Was it my guilt for been gone too long that made me feel this way?  Or because deep down inside I know that this occurrence can not happen all the time?  The meetings happen quite a bit during the month, and I was beginning to feel bad that I had yet to make a single meeting.

I have a very loving and understanding husband.  One that knows that I don't abuse his qualities for my gain...but for the first time, I did feel a bit undone when I returned.

Which got me thinking, is it wrong to go out and feed our hobbies...our wants and desires, even if they are harmless?  I don't believe it is wrong to go out and meet other ladies.  Share with each other and encourage each other.  But I don't believe it is a good idea when it causes conflict with our home life.  Even with an understanding husband, I felt that I should have been home with them and I also felt bad leaving J. alone with Miss A. when I know that his job is quite stressful and tiring on a day to day basis.

But what about me?

No I am not complaining, but I do know that many young wives feel this way when we are at home most of the day with little ones, and the chores tend to be our only focus.  I have been a stay at home wife and mother for over 20 years now, and there have been times that I have made the mistake of putting my needs above everyone else's.  When I began to rationalize my outings as needs to my state of mind, instead of realizing that my ministry...my family, was suffering greatly because of my selfishness, I stopped cold turkey, which of course is not completely good either.  I have curbed my outings quite a bit since then.  And I tend to not do anything after 5:00 PM on a weeknight, so as not to leave my hubby stranded with my chores.  But getting together?  well, I don't think it is wrong.

What do you think dear ladies?  What is your opinion on this?


to be meek

Hello dear Ladies!  Our Lord has truly blessed us, hasn't He?

Today is yet another day where Our Lord has given us another opportunity to bless those around us and the persons that we might come in contact with.  How wonderful that we, as Believers, are given a brand new day to glorify HIM!

When I was away last week, I was so blessed to visit many Amish and Mennonites book sellers.  It was such a treat for me, since it is not as easy to go to bookstores here where I live.  The only one is Barnes & Noble and it is an hour away, so I treated myself to reading books and sometimes even purchasing a few.

One that stands out and has become a book to study deeply is  "Salvation Full and Free by Daniel E. Mast.  This book, along with my Bible, has become a tool to learn more and more where my Lord wants me to be at this specific time.

I am surprised, and quite excited, of how this trip has ignited a deep wanting to return to the old ways...the simpler ways...the basic of living with Christ as my center and letting the rest of the world disappear.  Today's lesson has stayed with me throughout the day...

"Meekness is the opposite of revenge, just as humility is the opposite of pride.  Meekness and humility are two Christian graces that go hand in hand into the eternal fatherland, and these gifts are acquired as soon as one is truly converted to God.  Meekness is also the exact opposite of ill temper, impatience, and grumbling when things do not go to suit us.  Christian meekness will not make one lukewarm.  Cold indifference and unconcern are equally far removed from meekness and humility.  Jesus was meek and lowly in heart (Mathew 11:29), and we must be the same or we cannot find true rest for our souls.

Meekness acts as a balance which stabilizes the soul and prevents either extreme poverty or luxury and translates the mind to such a disposition of truth and purity that it can endure all injustice, whether it be inflicted by inconsistencies of professing Christians or by the wickedness of ungodly worldlings."
Page 10... Lesson 2 

"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth" Mathew 5:5

Nothing is as important to me as glorifying Our Lord with my actions...my words...my very life.  I have seen where my life was going.  I have seen where my thoughts have strayed.  I am ashamed to share that it was as far removed from Godly practices as it could be... but Our Lord is merciful and guided me back to where I need to be.  Where He wants me to be. 

Today, as I continue to go about my day...I ponder these words and give thanks to Our God for His Guidance. 


when you give without restraints...

Good Evening my friends :0)  How did your Monday go?  Mine was quite busy.  Since returning from Lancaster County, I have become quite inspired to return, once again, to my goal of living simply and frugally.

I have to share that watching the Amish women work for most of the day, and seeing the fruit of their work in stores and farmer markets, made me feel very lazy and quite guilty.  So I am determined not to waste my day away and have something to show for it at the end of the day :0)

Today, after baking bread, doing a load of laundry, hanging it out to dry, sweeping and cleaning the floors, making lunches and washing dishes.... I returned to my new friend.

Meet Eunice...named in honor of my Aunt Eunice, another talented dressmaker in my family.  I am so blessed!  I come from a family of truly talented sewers on both sides.

Eunice came to me due to bartering my sewing skills.  This sweet friend of mine needs quite a bit of alterations to her wardrobe due to her weight loss... I saw Eunice sitting calmly between two chairs.  I asked if she was in working condition and was told they had no idea.. :0(  So I asked if they were willing to part with her, and lo and behold, she was brought to my humble cottage the same day!

After much deliberation, I put away my electronic machines and returned to the calmer way of sewing.  Eunice is a wonderful machine.  She sews an extremely good stitch and came with all of her feet... She is easier to learn than a Singer.  Which is truly saying a lot.

As you could tell, sewing has commence!

As I finish the garments, I'll share... I promise :0)

Have a blessed evening dear friends...


prayer is needed... urgent!

****Update:  He was found!... Praising Our Lord for this miracle!!!! ****

At this time, Roxy from living from glory to glory, needs are prayers.

Her 13 year old grandson has been missing for over 12 hours in the Colorado Mountains and it is now snowing.

Please pray for this family that is, at this moment, going through such a painful trial.

Our Lord is the God of miracles!

it is so good to be back...

Every two years or so, J. gives me a wonderful gift... I get to go away on vacation :0)

This year I chose to return to Lancaster County, PA.  It is one of my favorite places here in my home state....I drive 4 hours South, and I get to enjoy visiting Amish Country.

This year, I tasted my first ever Whoopie pies!  and my goodness, they are quite addicting!  I have got to learn how to make them. :0)  I also visited the famous Green Dragon Flea Market which is something I need to do again.  Two hours is just not enough to totally visit all the stalls.

Amish country is relaxing and quite beautiful.  The highlight of the trip... a visit to Sight & Sound to experience the story of Moses. I must share that they took quite a bit of liberty with the story, so it was an extravaganza but it was not biblical at all, but I still enjoyed it.

It is good to be back... time to unpack and settle down to my routine.

Thank you, my dear friends, for all your wonderful comments on the dress....you guys are the best! :0)

Until next time,

Hello Again :~D

After 69 hours of work, it is finally done! 

Today, Ms. Sally will be married (right about now actually) and she will just glow and sparkle :0)

What I learned through this commission? 

Well, let me just say that it was time consuming, but it was so worth it!  I enjoyed the aspect of creating something with little bids of crystal and pearl.

Patience was something that was blossoming as I took the needle and thread and worked my way through the lace.  When you are doing this kind of work, you can not rush.  I prayed a great deal that I would not rush through it.  

Tulle is not a very fun fabric to deal with!  It catches on everything...but it did give an aspect of fantasy to the dress.  Very princess like :0) 

This dress was soaked in prayer.  I prayed that this marriage will be centered on Our Lord.  That their respect will grow and their love will continue to be fruitful.  

The greatest blessing?  The friendship that developed as I worked on this dress.  

Would I do it again?  Well...maybe not right away ;-) 

Have a blessed Sunday my friends... 

this season...

by Vicente Romero Redondo

Hello Dear Friends :~)

It is such a beautifully cold day here in the cottage.  The briskness of Autumn is here to stay...I truly enjoy this season.  When the land is ready for a much deserved rest.  Yet, here in the cottage, it has become my busiest.

At this moment, I am beading still that lovely wedding gown...planning for my first Spinning Guild meeting here this coming Wednesday...and sewing - lots and lots of sewing.  The holidays will be here before we know it, and that means planning what to bake, make and give as love tokens.

There has been changing here also.  My son is home from university now and taking his classes online now instead of living on campus.  Miss A. is more aware than ever.  Making lots of sounds and even humming songs that we have shared with her previously :0)  My middle son is very busy with his 3rd year of high school, which means, I am creating more and more lesson plans for him, since I still school him at home.  And me...

Well, health wise, I am hanging in there.  I walk every morning, eat homemade and refuse to count calories or use the word 'diet' in my daily vocabulary.  Through prayer, I am eating moderately and enjoying it!   So far, it seems to be working :0)

I am sewing...knitting...spinning and will begin to weave soon. There is a lot to share with all of you as soon as I am done beading!

In the meantime...enjoy your week dear Friends!