prayer is needed... urgent!

****Update:  He was found!... Praising Our Lord for this miracle!!!! ****

At this time, Roxy from living from glory to glory, needs are prayers.

Her 13 year old grandson has been missing for over 12 hours in the Colorado Mountains and it is now snowing.

Please pray for this family that is, at this moment, going through such a painful trial.

Our Lord is the God of miracles!

it is so good to be back...

Every two years or so, J. gives me a wonderful gift... I get to go away on vacation :0)

This year I chose to return to Lancaster County, PA.  It is one of my favorite places here in my home state....I drive 4 hours South, and I get to enjoy visiting Amish Country.

This year, I tasted my first ever Whoopie pies!  and my goodness, they are quite addicting!  I have got to learn how to make them. :0)  I also visited the famous Green Dragon Flea Market which is something I need to do again.  Two hours is just not enough to totally visit all the stalls.

Amish country is relaxing and quite beautiful.  The highlight of the trip... a visit to Sight & Sound to experience the story of Moses. I must share that they took quite a bit of liberty with the story, so it was an extravaganza but it was not biblical at all, but I still enjoyed it.

It is good to be back... time to unpack and settle down to my routine.

Thank you, my dear friends, for all your wonderful comments on the guys are the best! :0)

Until next time,

Hello Again :~D

After 69 hours of work, it is finally done! 

Today, Ms. Sally will be married (right about now actually) and she will just glow and sparkle :0)

What I learned through this commission? 

Well, let me just say that it was time consuming, but it was so worth it!  I enjoyed the aspect of creating something with little bids of crystal and pearl.

Patience was something that was blossoming as I took the needle and thread and worked my way through the lace.  When you are doing this kind of work, you can not rush.  I prayed a great deal that I would not rush through it.  

Tulle is not a very fun fabric to deal with!  It catches on everything...but it did give an aspect of fantasy to the dress.  Very princess like :0) 

This dress was soaked in prayer.  I prayed that this marriage will be centered on Our Lord.  That their respect will grow and their love will continue to be fruitful.  

The greatest blessing?  The friendship that developed as I worked on this dress.  

Would I do it again?  Well...maybe not right away ;-) 

Have a blessed Sunday my friends... 

this season...

by Vicente Romero Redondo

Hello Dear Friends :~)

It is such a beautifully cold day here in the cottage.  The briskness of Autumn is here to stay...I truly enjoy this season.  When the land is ready for a much deserved rest.  Yet, here in the cottage, it has become my busiest.

At this moment, I am beading still that lovely wedding gown...planning for my first Spinning Guild meeting here this coming Wednesday...and sewing - lots and lots of sewing.  The holidays will be here before we know it, and that means planning what to bake, make and give as love tokens.

There has been changing here also.  My son is home from university now and taking his classes online now instead of living on campus.  Miss A. is more aware than ever.  Making lots of sounds and even humming songs that we have shared with her previously :0)  My middle son is very busy with his 3rd year of high school, which means, I am creating more and more lesson plans for him, since I still school him at home.  And me...

Well, health wise, I am hanging in there.  I walk every morning, eat homemade and refuse to count calories or use the word 'diet' in my daily vocabulary.  Through prayer, I am eating moderately and enjoying it!   So far, it seems to be working :0)

I am sewing...knitting...spinning and will begin to weave soon. There is a lot to share with all of you as soon as I am done beading!

In the meantime...enjoy your week dear Friends!


verses to begin our week...

Good Morning Sweet Friends!

The week is about to start once again.  The possibilities are just waiting around the corner...all of our lists are been written this day to make sure that our week is fruitful and hopefully, stress free :0)

But through it all, let us remember...

"For we are God's own handiwork, His workmanship, 
recreated in Christ Jesus, born anew, 
that we may do those good works which God predestined, 
planned beforehand for us, taking paths which He prepared ahead of time, 
that we should walk in them, living the good life which 
He prearranged and made ready for us to live."
Ephesians 2:10

The week will probably be jammed packed with to do's...I know mine is going to be.  

I will be beading a wedding gown for a lovely lady that will be marrying on October 12...

I'll be cooking more...

and knitting more...

with a bit of sewing added in... 

But through it all, I'll keep in mind that my work is is important and quite precious.

Have a blessed Monday dear Friends...

Frugal Friday ~ post #1

Hello Dear Ladies :-)  the weekend is here and I am so looking forward to this one.  Then of course, I look forward to each and every weekend that gives me the chance to sew, garden and go out without the worries of tending to the cottage.  ;-D  J. is so good at giving me a Saturday here and there, for me to enjoy visiting friends and going to all the festivals that are happening during this wonderful Autumn season.

Today is the first, and I pray many more, Frugal Friday posts that I'll be sharing with all of you.  I pray that they will be encouraging as we become better stewards of Our Lord's provisions.

As a one income family, I have had to learn to stretch my husband's salary to the last penny.  It has become a fun challenge for me to see how far I can go without depriving my family of good nutrition and deliciously prepared meals.

First let me share that I don't discard anything!!!!  Bones are made for soup or stock...old vegetables are made into mush to add to stews....if it can be utilized, it is used!  Waste nothing! is my credo :-)

As the price of meat, chicken and pork continues to rise, I have had to become pretty creative with recipes.  I try not to use too many ingredients.  Coming from a country like Colombia in South America, meat is not as readily available like it is here.  The butcher is still in existence in the smaller neighborhoods, but the price of meat is just as expensive there as here, which has caused me to go back to the way Mi Abuela used to do it.  She will have the butcher cut a nice piece of meat for 4 meals.  This of  course cut the cost down to a minimum and still was able to feed a large brood.

Today was market day here at the cottage.  I go twice a month, but the bulk of my shopping is done once a month.  Even though we live in town, it can become a pretty expensive habit to hop in the car and make a quick stop at the market for this or that, so I try to plan as far ahead as I possible can, without losing the fun in cooking.  I don't purchase in bulk, because, well, my kitchen is quite small and it is just impossible to store everything I want, so I purchase when things go on sale and try to keep two of everything.

My most expensive food purchase has always been meat and chicken. Prices have sky-rocketed here, so I have planned as far ahead as I can with some very delicious meals planned for the upcoming weeks.  Here they are...
The breakdown:

1 large package of chicken pieces at $13.50 : 4 meals - $3.38 per meal - $0.68 per person
1 package of ground beef at $8.30 : 3 meals - $2.77 per meal - $0.55 per person
1 package of 5 steaks at $7:40 : 2 meals - $3.70 per meal - $0.74 per person
1 package of 4 ribs (on sale) at $3.74 : 3 meals - $1.25 per meal - $0.25 per person
1 package of rump roast (on sale) at $13.74 : 4 meals - $3.44 per meal - $0.69 per person

As you could see by the photos, I label each bag with what I am going to make them with, this way, I have my meal planned way ahead of time.

I know that we can choose to eat meatless, but J. is a meat eater, and so are the boys... as a wise and understanding wife and mother ( insert chuckle here ;D ) I choose my battles wisely ;0).

My largest expense has always been food.  I do not want to think that I am cutting back, but instead, I am practicing wise choices and utilizing everything that is available to us during this time.

Meal for today...

One of the packages of ribs with garbanzos, white rice (brown for me) and steamed veggies.  Dessert: a scoop of ice cream (which was on one get one free).

Overall spending for month market expenditure: $400.00 (which includes toiletries, pet food, winter wear for Miss A and myself, and jars for canning - all the ones I have are been used). Give or take, this amount is actually quite doable for us with a bit left over.

Hope this inspires you to be as frugal as you can without depriving your family of delicious meals...

Have a blessed weekend!


tips to make our home chores a bit easier... ~1~

Good morning my friends!

It is quite chilly here in the mountains.  The fog surrounds us at the moment...but I know that the the sun is just waiting until later to share its warmth.

Today I would like to share a tip that I have learned during my years of living small.

The mess you see above you is how my kitchen is most days, when I have baked and cooked simultaneously which leaves a very, very messy space.  As you can see I have very little counter space and alas, no room for a dishwasher.  That wonderfully modern kitchen helper that many homes have today.  Since I have never owned one, I have had to learn through trial and error how to maintain a clean kitchen without been overwhelmed.

The solution?  Clean as you Go!

Simple, I know, but so effective.

When I know that I will be spending a great deal of time in the kitchen, I make sure that I have a nice pan filled with hot sudsy water.  This way when I finish with a bowl, an utensil, or a dish, I dip it in the pan, clean it with the dishcloth and set it on the next sink to drain.  When I am done, the kitchen is already clean and I could sit and relax with a nice cup of tea :-)